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Our vision is to provide QUALITY products to every consumer.  We want to Build a strong relationship with the consumers and want to  have long-term cooperation based on transparency and honesty. We understand our customers needs and priorities exactly, which we will apply in all processes, and we will provide the best quality products and services. As a result of this collaboration, we will deliver on time.

OUR Mission

 MM foods believe that our goal is to produce and supply products of superior quality and value to the market, thereby, enriching the lives of consumers, customers, communities, employees and all stakeholders. The motto of this company is “SERVING HEALTH AND HAPPINESS


MM Foods manufactures the product from the Advanced technology machines, with the help of Qualified and  experienced staff, Technology  is constantly upgraded to a production process and carefully monitored and controlled. Our team managed to impose ourselves on the market due to continuous quality products adapted to consumer needs as our flour is made from milled wheat.

MM foods understand, As with the wheat itself, the composition of individual flours varies, depending on both the wheat and our milling process. As the protein content of the flour increases, carbohydrate decreases. so we focus on providing the best quality wheat flour with maximum protein.

MM Foods offers products as your requirement as in baking and confectionery, the terms strong and weak indicate flour from hard and soft wheat, respectively. The term strength is used to describe the type of flour, strong flour being preferred for bread manufacture and weak flour for cakes and biscuits.


MM Food’s products are made from the best ingredients, and we use only the finest wheat to produce our fresh Atta(Flour) . We do not compromise on quality, and all our products are tested for consistency, quality, and taste before they are delivered to our customers.We pride ourselves on our ability to serve wholesale grain markets across Uttar Pradesh. Our unique methodology of milling enables us to introduce new and improved products for our customers regularly.


If you have any questions or need help with MM Foods, kindly submit your details in the fields below. In case you have any trouble finding the appropriate information available on our website, you may write to us, and our team will get back to you at the earliest.